How to whiten eyes and teeth in Photoshop (3 easy steps)

There are many ways to whiten eyes and teeth in photoshop. This is the quickest method. These three steps will show you how to easily whiten eyes and teeth in Adobe Photoshop using camera raw filter.

1. Open Image in Photoshop: Find the image you’d like to edit and double-click to open it in Adobe photoshop.

Unedited photo opened in Photoshop

2. Raw Camera Filter: Go to Filter and click ‘Camera raw filter’. Select adjustment brush on the toolbox at the top of the image and adjust settings. Increase whites and highlights to your desired setting. Ensure the white balance is “as shot”.

Open image in Camera raw filter

3. Whiten Eyes and Teeth: Using the adjustment brush, click on the white areas of the eye and teeth. Click apply if you are satisfied with the results.

Image after whitening eyes and teeth using camera raw filter.
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