Unemployment or a Job in Borno?

The spiralling rise of humanitarian crisis in the North East creates an increasing demand for humanitarian volunteers and aid workers.

Borno state now tops the list of states (after Lagos) with not just the highest number of job opportunities but also some of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria as advertised on job seeking websites. The presence of International NGOs seeking to provide humanitarian aid in the conflict region has made humanitarian aid workers big targets to terrorists in the region.

In 2019 alone, scores of humanitarian aid workers were abducted and executed by Jihadists of Islamic State, West Africa Province (ISWAP).

Also, the Nigerian army reportedly clashes with Humanitarian agencies and aid workers in the North East. Most notably, the Nigerian army shut down the offices of Mercy Corps in Borno and Yobe states in September 2019 accusing the NGO of liasing with terrorists. Prior to that, the office of Action Against Hunger was sealed by the Nigerian army and UNICEF was also temporarily forced to stop it’s operations making it a frustrating conundrum for Humanitarian aid workers in the region.

With limited employment options, the real motive behind seeking employment in the North East is not a passion to provide Humanitarian aid to the thousands of people relying on assistance to survive. Ignoring the high risks involved, thousands of Nigerians are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea while considering fat pay cheques from working in the danger zone vs being under-employed or unemployed.

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