Typhoid fever can be sexually transmitted!

Many people are aware of the common sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, herpes simplex type 2, gonorrhea and chlamydia. However, there are other diseases that most people do not know could be transmitted sexually and Typhoid is one of them!

Typhoid is most often transmitted by swallowing food and water contaminated with human feces, which harbors a type of salmonella that causes the disease.

The Typhoid Fever outbreak in the American states of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana that affected eight men was actually sexually transmitted to them by one man. “His sexual partners had likely caught it through oral-anal contact or oral sex, the bacterial particles shed by the man’s anus close enough to find themselves a new host,”

The U.S Center for Disease Control labeled typhoid a sexually transmitted disease for the first time at a conference in Atlanta, and it urged infected patients to stop sexual contact until clear of the disease.

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