Top 10 songs about Feminism

Here’s a countdown of the top 10 songs by women about women and for women’s equality

10. Hard out here by Lily Allen

This song can definitely serve as the anthem for Feminism. Lily Allen explicitly sings about inequality amongst both genders saying “If I told you about my sex life, you’ll call me a slut, the boys be talking about their bitches, no one’s making a fuss”!

9. Queen by Jessie J
“I love my body, I love my skin, I am a goddess, I am a queen”

8. Bo$$ by Fifth Harmony
“Boy you know who run this house”

7. Independent woman by Destiny’s Child
This is the oldest song on the list. Notwithstanding, the lyrics never gets old! My favorite verse from this song is “I depend on me”

6. Ain’t your mama by Jennifer Lopez
Breaking traditional stereotypical roles is all J’lo is advocating for on this catchy track

5. Django Jane by Janelle Monae
“We gave you life, we gave you birth”. Janelle Monae refers to herself as Jane Bond in this song and totally looks the part in the video

4. Flawless by Beyonce
The opening excerpt in this song by Nigeria Author Chimamanda Adichie absolutely defines feminism in every sense of the word.

3. Sit still look pretty by Daya
There’s more to being a female than looking pretty and waiting for Mr Right. This song is for the girls who want to rule the world

2. Work Bitch by Britney Spears
Ladies, you want equal rights?, equal wages?, Lamborghinis?, All Britney Spears is saying is “you gotta work for it!”

1. Run the world by Beyonce
Oh yes! Beyonce had to top this list. By popular opinion this song has been crowned the anthem of International Feminism. The empowering lyrics, the upbeat tempo, the catchy chorus, Everything screams Feminism

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