This is what being short-sighted (myopic) feels like

As far back as I remember, I was about 9 years old when I realized I couldn’t see the board clearly at school. First, I complained to my teacher and my seat was changed but even at front row, I couldn’t still see the board as clear as my classmates seated behind me so I complained to my parents. My first eye appointment was scheduled and after a series of eye tests, the optometrist confirmed I was short sighted and my first concave “correctional” lens was prescribed.

I instantly became the smart “girl on glasses”. (According to research, people with myopia actually have higher IQ). My personal explanation for why our IQs are possibly higher is that our brains work extra hard to make up for what our eyes can’t see.I used my glasses hoping that after a couple years, my bad sight would be corrected but 15 years down the line, my myopia worsened! Now I’m 25, my new prescription is -2.00 and I fear it could even get worse!
There is absolutely nothing cute about using glasses and having to depend on a piece of plastic/glass for perfect vision. Last week, I broke my glasses while on vacation and I had to remain semi-blind till I could get it replaced. Being short sighted/near sighted/myopic is a disability! And if you’re wondering how people with myopia see from a distance without glasses or contacts, take a look at this oil painting by Philip Barlow

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