Reti Ola: CEO by day, Singer by night

Holo Bukola Ireti professionally known as Reti Ola is a singer based in Lagos, Nigeria. She was born on April 15, 1998 and hails from Ondo state.

She is a member of Cool Ice band, a professional music band popularly known for epic and gyrating live musical performances. As a member of the band, she has performed in various cities across Nigeria since June 2019.

Cool Ice band, Lagos Nigeria

She started singing in Church as a child and cites Jennifer Afolo, a fellow member of Cool Ice band as one of her greatest musical influences. Internationally, Reti admires Beyoncé and Jasmine Sullivan’s vocal abilities.

When Reti Ola is not singing,  she’s managing her skincare brand – ‘Retify’ which she founded in the middle of the lockdown in July 2020.
The Retify brand was created after she got suffered a skin infection and subsequently  became frustrated with skincare products that couldn’t eradicate her acne. She started researching solutions till she came up with a product that cleared her acne in less than two weeks.

Reti Ola manufactured the glow multi-purpose soap and subsequently other products were created from her brand. Using her social media strategy and skills, she was able to market her products and teach people to properly indulge skin care routine etiquettes.

Despite juggling her beauty brand and singing career, Reti Ola is also full time student at the Delta state polytechnic.

In five years she dreams of  being a bigger and more accomplished singer and taking Retify to the global skincare industry as she strives to rectify skincare problems.

Follow Reti Ola on Instagram @Reti_Ola and her skin care brand Retify_ on Instagram.


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