Osita Iheme dubbed ‘African Gary Coleman’

Video clips of award winning Nollywood actor, Osita Iheme have been all over twitter lately. The International community has found a new hilarious meme. Osita Iheme who has acted several movies alongside Chinedu Ikedieze are famous on the internet for their funny clips from old Nigerian movies. These actors have gained for themselves new fans in the United States, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Brazil and many Asian countries.

Osita Iheme at a movie premiere in Dallas, Texas.

Many foreigners on the internet have been asking if this “African meme kid” knows he’s famous!!! What? I mean where do I even start from?. Okay first, he’s not a kid (he acts movie roles where he’s seen in bed with women or scenes of him consuming alcohol). And yes he is a celebrity in Nigeria and he’s fully aware that Americans are just beginning to recognize him.

The Nigerian population is about 200million. Nigerians are all over the internet letting people know that the “African kid meme” is not a kid and his name is Osita Iheme.

Osita Iheme reposted 50cent’s tweet on his Instagram page and appreciates all the love he’s getting from the International community.

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Well, some Americans have dubbed him the “African Gary Coleman” because they suffer the same anti-ageing condition and we accept that title long as you don’t call him a “kid”.

Gary Coleman/Osita Iheme
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