Nok University, Kachia

Southern Kaduna’s premiere University is currently in the works as the proposed Nok University is coming to life in Kachia, Kaduna State. Named after renowned late Professor Andrew Jonathan Nok who was the first person in the world to discover the gene responsible for the synthesis of sialidase, an enzyme which causes sleeping sickness in humans (Human African Trypanosomiasis, HAT) and nagana in animals (Animal African Trypanosomiasis, AAT).

Billboards for the proposed University have been strategically placed in various locations around Kaduna.

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3 Comments on “Nok University, Kachia”

  1. This is indeed a great achievement for the Jaba people and Nigeria at large…I sincerely salute the courage and hardwork put into display by Chief Tony Hassan. Sir, this is a long awaited achievement and I’m particularly happy that you have made this to happen in our own generation. I hope other leaders will take a clue from this act of responsibility…it is highly commendable and honourable. Kachia is now on the map of global repute for having a university. God bless Jaba land, Kachia, Kaduna and our great country Nigeria!!!

  2. God who started the work through chief Tony Hassan will continue and complete it by his grace. We appreciate your efforts sir. Keep it up for you will be ahead ahead.

  3. I can see the jaba people are just consine about the the jaba, while me I feel,it a very great achievement to southern kaduna as a whole,we can never be mucked again in the country and in this,may God bless the pioneers of this university and this project,there will never lack,may God give us the grace to continue any were there stop,God bless southern kaduna people as a whole,we are one,may God almighty help us,I remin Josiah sambo .

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