No air-conditioning on Abuja-Kaduna train

After delaying a trip for almost 2 hours for no apparent reason at the Idu train station on Monday 5th October.  Passengers later began their journey from Abuja to Kaduna with windows open as the air conditioner failed to work.

Twitter user @Babsam11 shares details of the trip which was scheduled to depart at 9:50am 

He shared this photo of a detached train head as the reason for the delay.

The train finally departed at 11:31am but was met with yet another delay along the way.

He tweeted ” stopped again for another 32 minutes”.

The train/railway service was intended to be a safer option to insecurity faced by road travellers but it has not been living up to the purpose of it’s creation. Last month, Sahara Reporters shared photos of alleged bullet holes on one of the trains enroute Abuja to Kaduna.

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