Donald Trump’s daughter, Tiffany is engaged to Nigerian-Lebanese man


26-year-old Tiffany Trump, youngest daughter of America’s president Donald Trump has been in a committed relationship with Michael Boulos, a Nigerian-Lebanese.

Michael Boulos was born in Lagos, Nigeria where his family established their multi-million dollar business.

Since 2018, he began dating Tiffany whom he met at a party. They spent  Christmas with the Trump family at the white house in December 2019.

Michael Boulous on the right standing next to Tiffany Trump

On his Instagram bio, he simply attached 4 flags representing his multiple heritage.

Lebanese, French, American, and Nigerian flags.

An invitation card for their engagement party which held in Florida early this year was leaked on the internet.

Michael recently joined the Trump family to celebrate the 14th birthday of Donald Trump’s youngest child.

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