NGO interview questions in Nigeria

The presence of Non-Governmental Organizations in Nigeria is quite remarkable. Nigeria’s population and status as a developing country has made it a hotspot for development organizations. Also, the humanitarian crisis in the North East has led to a high influx of International NGOs working in Nigeria and thereby recruiting Nigerians.

Frequent visitors to job vacancy sites can testify that there are always vacancies out there as NGOs are always recruiting. The truth is, NGO recruitment processes are one of the most transparent in Nigeria. The renumeration (pay) is usually great therefore they employ the best.

If you desire to work at an NGO, start by volunteering at another NGO. The easiest NGO to gain volunteer experience in Nigeria is Red cross which has offices in every state in Nigeria.

Having prior work experience with an NGO increases your chances of being employed by another NGO.

Other important factors to note when applying to NGOs are

  1. Write a great cover letter. Go straight to the point and highlight your education and valuable experience in relation to the role you’re applying. Tell them why you are the best candidate for the Job.
  2. Attach a great CV. Have your CV reviewed if need be.
  3. Follow all application guidelines and meet the deadline.


Note: These interviews are usually conducted by a panel.

  1. Tell us about yourself: The interviewer(s) already knows your name. You’re expected to simply say why you are the best candidate for the job. Sell your market and speak about your previous experience or skills that are relevant to the role.
  2. Why do you want to work for us: Speak about your passion, what you’re bringing to the table and what valuable experience you stand to gain.
  3. Scenario questions:
    Example of Scenario questions.


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