Narayi Highcost, Kaduna

Narayi Highcost is a residential area in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State. It is a safe and peaceful suburban area. It is bounded by Barnawa in Kaduna South, and Sabo in Chikun Local Government Area.

Unlike Narayi which is congested and more of a slum or a Ghetto, Narayi Highcost is a flourishing suburb  with nicely built houses, organized streets and constant electricity. It is the affluent and expensive side of Narayi, thereby earning the name “Highcost”.

Many Government residential quarters are located in Narayi Highcost such as NNPC Quarters, NBTE Quarters, NACB Quarters, NAFDAC and others.
Narayi Highcost is an extension of Barnawa. It houses many recreational joints and bars such as Viviana, House 50, Green Apples, Fresh Fruit bar and others. There are few hotels and many guest houses in Narayi Highcost. These include; Orange gate Hotel, De-eminent Hotel, Tomaso Guest House and many other guest houses.
Like any other residential area, there are many nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools in Narayi Highcost most notably, Progress School, Noble Crown School and ECWA School.

Narayi Highcost is a Christian dominated community with many notable churches such as the collosal ECWA Goodnews Church Narayi Highcost, Deeper Life Church, Redeemed church, Rhema Bible Church and many others.
There is a small but growing grocery market called ‘Kasuwan Dole’ situated in between Narayi and Narayi Highcost but the bustling Highcost Junction provides more commercial activities than the market.
The Highcost Junction is usually busy and attracts traffic because it is the major road linking Narayi Highcost to Barnawa and Sabo.
There is also a notable mosque situated at Highcost Junction.
There are many Plazas and shops in Narayi Highcost most notably Olive Green Plaza, Unity plaza and Zimba plaza. There are also a few private hospitals in Narayi Highcost and more options in Barnawa (which is 3-5 minutes away from Narayi Highcost.)

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