5 songs about masturbation.

Musicians create music about everything and masturbation is one of those things we all do but don’t like to admit we do. Here are songs by singers who aren’t shy to admit

  1.  Solo by Demi LovatoThis song has sold over 7 million copies worldwide and it’s obviously because of it’s honest and sincere lyrics. Demi Lovato sings ” I wanna f— but I’m broken hearted…. So I do it solo”.
  2. Soapy by Naira MarleyThis is perhaps the first song about masturbation by a Nigerian/west African but it definitely won’t be the last because it is doing so well commercially. The music video to this song currently has over one million youtube views.
  3. Fingers by P!nk“When it’s late at night and you’re fast a sleep
    I let my fingers do the walking”
  4. Touch of my hand by Britney SpearsThis is the most sexually detailed song about masturbation. Britney unashamedly sings
    “Imagination’s taking over
    Another day without a lover
    The more I come to understand
    The touch of my hand”
  5. Ever loving hand by Tyler ChildersA country song about masturbation and commitment. On this song, Tyler sings about thinking of his wife when he’s away and lonely. When she’s on his mind, he uses his ever loving hand to stay committed!  This song definitely makes marital masturbation seem like the most beautiful and romantic thing ever.
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