Kapadoccia; Abuja’s Cave Restaurant

I visited Kapadoccia restaurant in Wuse 2, Abuja over the weekend and here is everything you need to know.

First of all, I didn’t have my face mask and was allowed to enter with no issues. The security confirms your reservation before letting you in.

Right now, the restaurant is not fully open so the soft opening time is from 4pm to 9pm daily. I had to make a reservation in advance before showing up. No money was paid in order to make the reservation. The menu was sent to me after making my reservation. (Good thing for budget planning).

Speaking about Budget, the cheapest thing on the menu is water! LOL. A 75cl bottle of water costs 1,000 naira at the Cave restaurant. Mocktails and cocktails are available on the menu. The prices for mocktails ranges from 3,000 and over.

There is a variety of food on the menu and it doesn’t take long to get served. I enjoyed some of the food I had and didn’t particularly like the beef lasagna. When I requested for it to be packed as take away, I was charged 1,500 naira for the foil take away plate.

Overall, it was a beautiful, luxurious and unique dining experience.

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