Kaduna Yoga Project

The Kaduna Yoga Project (KYP) provides yoga, fitness classes & workshops to corporations, groups & Individuals throughout Kaduna. Inspired by the idea that strong individuals make for strong communities. KYP creates an accessible and communal class environment by tailoring yoga to meet the specific needs of a diverse range of students. KYP works beyond the traditional limitations of the current yoga culture to make the benefits of the practice extend beyond the studio walls.

Yoga and hiking in Kaduna

A part of our mission is to help clients grow an awareness of themselves so they can connect more deeply as a community. We extend our onsite work into the philanthropic arena and utilize yoga as a tool for service. We regularly host events & classes benefiting non-profit organizations.

Kaduna Yoga Project is all about giving back and community bonding. We hold regularly events through out the year to bring our network together to give back to Charitable organizations. We would be organizing various events like ; Girls on the Run, Yoga behind bars and government Schools yoga events.

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  1. I want to join the class of a Yoga fitness and I don’t knw where and how to go abt it, I leaved at federal housing gonigora. Thanks

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