Kaduna based Lawyer laments police harassment

Gloria Ballason, a Kaduna based Lawyer and legal journalist took to Facebook to lament her predicament of intimidation and harrassment by hefty police men paying visits to her office in Barnawa, Kaduna State.

According to her post, since 28th November 2019, her office was laid siege by the police in search of her. Subsequently, she has been receiving threatening calls and text messages. She stated that plain clothes policemen had also showed up at the church where she worshipped for three consecutive Sundays in search of her.

Gloria Ballason’s Facebook post.

Gloria Ballason was Audu Maikori’s lawyer for his case against the Kaduna State Government which she won.  She also represented Steven Kefason in his recent case of Social media speeches against Governor Elrufai.

On the 15th of January 2020, Amnesty  International in a tweet regarding Gloria Ballason’s harrassment by law enforcement urged the Kaduna State Police Command to uphold and respect human rights without discrimination.

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