Jemimah Mbaya biography

Jemimah Mbaya was born on the 4th of July 1968. She is a minister of the Gospel at Latter House Christian Centre.  She was the only female senior pastor in the North East Region before she relocated to Jos, Plateau State. She runs regular programmes for widows and orphans of the violent conflict.  She is married to Professor Albert and they have four children and five  grandchildren.

In 2019, Pastor Jemimah Mbaya had an encounter with Boko Haram Terrorists.  She was identified as the pastor who fed his mother at her church.  The Terrorists guarded her house for two weeks while they embarked on a killing spree around her vicinity. Her life was spared along with her two sons.

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  1. God who began a good ministry in you will surely finish it. I pray for you for Grace to finish well my dear sister. May God help us to all end in Jesus Kingdom

  2. Ma may God bless you and grant you more wisdom to teach his people a better way to come back to God as you are doing already. Amen

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