ISWAP is recruiting terrorists in Yobe State

A pamphlet circulating social media has been confirmed to be distributed by Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP) terrorists.

Human Rights Lawyer, Bulama Bukarti said

 “multiple residents of Geidam, one of Yobe’s major towns, contacted me reporting that ISWAP fighters, who invaded them yesterday evening, are still in charge of the town this 12:45pm. They’ve hoisted their flags and are distributing a pamphlet inviting residents to join them.”

The pamphlet distributed by the terrorists

In the Hausa pamphlet, they explain their ideology and that they do not kill Muslims who do not fight them. They said they are happy to accept anyone who is willing to repent and join them. They have destroyed an Airtel station, some government buildings and burnt some vehicles.

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