How to get Verified on Twitter as an Entertainer

Twitter’s verification procedure is clear and transparent. Depending on the category you belong to, your follower count may not matter. Some categories do not require a high follow count e.g. Sports/Gaming or Journalists. While other categories like influencers and content creators require  top .05% of mentions or follower count in their geographic region. Twitter verifies seven categories of notable people listed below:


News organizations or Journalist

Companies, brands and organizations


Sports and gaming

Activists and organizers

Content creators and other influential individuals

For Individual accounts of artists, performers, actors, directors, and others in similar public-facing roles associated with such entities or their productions , you stand a chance to be verified if you have a IMDB page or features in verified news. To get a verification badge, follow the steps below.

  1. HAVE AN ACTIVE ACCOUNT: According to Twitter, an active Twitter account must be COMPLETE with a profile name, recognizable profile photo and confirmed email address or phone number. An active account must adhere to Twitter rules and regulations and be at least six months old.
  2. UPDATE PROFILE:  Your account name must correspond to what is written on the  website that references you.
  3. IMDB REFERENCE: Provide a  link to the applicant’s IMDB page containing 50+ production credits
  4. NEWS ARTICLES: Links to 3 articles featuring applicant (news articles published by already Verified organizations that reference the applicant’s Twitter handle) within the last 6 months. Verified news publishers are those whose news appear under ‘news’ in a Google search or have verified Twitter accounts.
  5. APPLY FOR VERIFICATION: Go to settings and privacy under your Twitter profile, Under Settings, click “Your account”, then click “Account Information“.  When your account information is displayed, click “Verification request“. It will take you to a prompt page with “Start Verification”. Select the category.  Provide links and all required information and submit.

Twitter will verify and notify you within 24 hours if you meet all the requirements. Note that failed verification attempts will reduce the chances of your verification requests being processed fast. Apply when you are qualified and ready.

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