Essentials of a Glorious Relationship

Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak is the founder of Koinonia Eternity Network International. A Christian ministry based in Zaria, Kaduna State. I listened to one of his sermons for the first time ever titled “Essentials of a Glorious Relationship”. It was a powerful message purely based on Biblical doctrines. I decided to write and share these essential elements. He emphasized on four main essential qualities to look out for in a Godly relationship.

The Four Essentials for Ladies
1. A God-fearing Man
This definitely sounds mediocre because God-fearing has become such a vague term on the list of qualities desired in a potential partner but a man who fears God genuinely goes beyond wearing the toga of religion and earnestly lives his daily life striving to please God.

2. A man who submits to an Earthly Authority
This isn’t a cliche requirement. It’s an essential element many women never pay attention to! I remember when my cousin’s marriage hit the rocks and she needed some counseling but her husband wouldn’t listen to anyone!!! Not even his own parents. Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak advises women to be with men who listen and can seek counsel or mentoring from someone they look up to

3. Passion
Be in a relationship with someone who loves you passionately! The Wikipedia defines passion as a feeling of intense enthusiasm or compelling desire towards someone or something. In my opinion, passion is the highest pedigree of love. Anything beyond passion is obsession. The Apostle said “many men will not be unfaithful to their wives if they loved them passionately”. Women must understand what love truly entails before the word is used to sway them away

4. Physical Attraction
Last but certainly not the least! He emphasized the importance of marrying someone you are physically attracted to while keeping in mind that every physical quality fades away eventually.

The Four Essentials for Men
Basically the same qualities listed above but Number 2 has a slight variation
1. A God-fearing woman

2. A submissive woman
As instructed by God,women should be submissive to their husbands. The Apostle said there are no conditions attached to being submissive cos many women believe they should only submit to men who are “Man enough” or men who provide enough.

3. A woman who is sacrificial
Love itself is sacrifice. Men should look out for Women who are willing to go the extra mile to do something for them rather than receive and drown in the “entitlement mentality”. A woman who is contented and willing to sacrifice loves you!

4. Physical Attraction
Too many men are focused on physical beauty which is important but less important than the 3 essentials listed above. I personally believe everyone should be with partners they are physically attracted to. Apostle Joshua advices men not to be immersed and carried away by physical attributes. Beauty is only skin deep!

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  1. Nice excerpt. I learnt a lot from it. it made me look through my life and see if my life reflect those qualities. seen where I have been getting it wrong and will by the grace of God adjust.

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