Dr Chinelo’s final moment: Survivor of Abuja-Kaduna train attack speaks

A man identified as MB Usman admits he was a passenger on the tragic evening of the Abuja-Kaduna train incident. He shared a series of tweets saying:

I was in that ill-fated train to Kaduna. I remember staying close to a young lady who was shoot in stomach and hand. She was crying for help telling us that she think she was hit by a bullet. Throughout the gun exchange that lasted for about 1:30min, I was encouraging her to stay calm hoping the anticipated rescue team will get to us in good time. I remember her using her tablet to call someone I assumed to be her brother who later gave the phone to elder lady who was persuading her to stay calm. She asked for water to drink and someone close gave her ignorantly not knowing she wasn’t supposed to drink water. She later asked that we should fan her due to suffocation, which I managed to remove one of the seat cloth even though we were laying down motionless so that the bad guys could not detect us.


He further stated on his Twitter account @MBUsman13 that military guys came in almost 2 hours later and picked Chinelo and other casualties.

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