Top 10 Nigerian Songs Advocating for Good Governance

In an industry that’s money motivated and has most artists jumping on the trending bandwagon which isn’t a bad thing at all, artists sometimes speak up and make their voices heard on issues concerning good governance for all. Here we list the top ten songs advocating for good governance in Nigeria.

Number one
Mr President —> African China
This song will forever be evergreen in the minds of Nigerians all over the world. African China really spoke up against the government and this song took him straight to the top in his time. “make una lead us well, no let this nation to fall inside well”

Number two
Rara —> Tekno
To be honest, I never believed tekno could come up with a song like this, especially blending it with his usual style and of cos it was definitely a hit. Even the little children couldn’t get enough of the song, screaming “nepa don take Light x2 generator don tear my ear”

Number three
Holy holy —> 2baba
This song was apparently a diss song to some other artist according to conspiracy theorists lol. Whatever inspired the legendary 2baba to pen this song down doesn’t matter however, it was a hit and it also advocated for good governance, had to make our top ten.

Number four
Hard life —> Blackface
This song should be timeless, blackface dropped this song back in the day and it was a jam played everywhere without any restrictions whatsoever. It’s still a hard life wey we dey live for naija.

Number five
This is Nigeria —> Falz
Although this was a cover, Falz used this song to talk about the everyday struggles we go through in 21st century Nigeria. The good thing about the song is that it talks about the issues in a comical way, so the average person on the street can relate to it totally. It was so good that it made it to CNN.

Number six
Zombie —> Fela
What were you guys thinking?? That a baba fela song won’t make the list? Think again!! This song was mainly against the military government back in the day. Talking about how the military men just take orders without questioning it, even if it’s against their conscience and humanity. Zombie had to make it on this list.

Number seven
International thief thief —> Fela
I spoke to a few colleagues about this song and what it means to them, after considering all their answers I thought it had to be on the list and so it is. Although this song mainly talks about the colonial masters who came to Africa and ran off with whatever they wanted, I think we can also relate it with modern day politicians in Nigeria. Running off with whatever they can without a thought as to how the average citizen survives.

Number eight
Let us be great – Brymo
Brymo is another artist that had to be on the list. He calls himself the greatest artist of his generation and some fans actually support that motion. Anyway Brymo makes the list with this song which is a well composed song.

Number nine
Letter to Mr President —> African China
China is back again on our list with this song. Although a few people feel it’s a remix to his original hit song Mr President, it’s actually a different tune entirely, here he says he has composed a letter and Mr President should please read the letter. Lol you all should find the time to please read his letter.

Number ten
Jaga jaga —> Idris
This song was a hit when it dropped. It even provoked a response from the then sitting Nigerian President, well you all should know who it was. Well done Idris.

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