25 year old Nigerian dies in France

A 25-year-old Nigerian man died from smoke inhalation in his tent in Calais, France after he had tried to light a fire in a tent to keep warm and prepare food.

Since the closure of a makeshift migrant camp in Calais in October 2016, hundreds of people have been sleeping rough along the coast in squalid conditions, many without proper access to sanitation. Charities estimate that between 400 and 500 migrants and refugees are currently in Calais hoping to cross to the UK. The majority are from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Sudan

Police in Pas-de-Calais confirmed that a man had died from intoxication from smoke fumes at the end of last week and said an autopsy would take place. The man was the third migrant or refugee to die in Calais this year.

Aid groups have protested over “inhuman” conditions for migrants and refugees. Aid groups reacted angrily and joined leftwing opposition parties in protesting against a recent decree by the rightwing mayor of Calais aimed at stopping migrants from gathering in the town centre during cultural festivities planned for this month.

“This death is really symbolic at a time where the local authorities have sought to remove migrants as well as the volunteers who help them from the town centre for supposed reasons of public order,” said François Guennoc of the aid group l’Auberge des Migrants.

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