10 year old Girl killed 6-month old baby boy

A six month-old baby boy who was killed after a 10 year-old girl allegedly stomped on his head.

The boy’s family have not released his name, but did share a snap of him with american TV station KTSP.

He was fatally injured at a licensed daycare center in Wheaton, Wisconsin on October 30, with the 10 year-old girl now charged with his murder.

This is the six month-old baby boy who was fatally injured at a Wisconsin daycare center on October 30. A 10 year-old girl has been charged with his murder 

The youngster, who has not been named, told a court Monday that she was holding the little boy at a licenced day care center when she accidentally lost her grip on him.

He tumbled to the ground and struck his head off a footstool, before crying in pain at the home-based education facility, it was said.

The girl is then said to have panicked and stamped on the infant’s head in a bid to get him to stop crying, but killed the baby by doing so.

She was ordered held in custody on $50,000 bond until her next court appearance.

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