“Boko Haram guarded my house for 2 weeks” – Pastor Jemimah Mbaya

Pastor Jemimah Mbaya is the senior Pastor at Latter House Christian Center. She was the only female senior pastor in the North East Region.  She runs regular programmes for Widows and  Orphans of the violent conflict. She revealed details of her encounter with Boko Haram while speaking at the Transforming Church in Abuja.

In 2019, Boko Haram raided our vicinity in Borno State, they met me and my two sons and asked if I was Jemimah Mbaya the pastor of “that” church. I said yes. One of the terrorists said after his father died, his mother and his sister came to my church to get food but one of the Pastors drove them away because they were wearing hijabs. When I found out, I called them back to receive  food because I do not only give Christians. I give to all needy widows and orphans. He said because I fed his mother and sister, they were going to spare my life and the life of my sons. They guarded my house for two weeks while they went on killing sprees around the vicinity. I witnessed them kill a 13-year-old buy and opened up his stomach with a knife.


Pastor Jemimah Mbaya believes that charity and humanity is the core principle of Righteousness. She is currently building shelters for widows and orphans who have been affected by Boko Haram conflict.

Her church is now based in Jos, Plateau state.

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